Jean Esther @metasabian

The Meta Sabian Comic Series is the collaborative creation of Artists Jean Esther, Bruce Jones & D.L. Nuskey. The three artists had come up with the idea for the comic around 2009, after meeting up in college and working on other projects prior to the graphic novel.

As a collective of artists they work under the creative art company called “Art Corner” – working on commission drawings, paintings, logo designs, clothing, web site designs, murals, photography and teaching art lessons.

Art Corner is your Art service and production company that specializes in the Visual Arts. We teach kids, teens and adults many foundational skills and techniques to create their own art. We offer commission work in: Illustrations, Fine arts, Portrait drawing, Logo design, and Murals just to name a few. Our Art Consulting service helps small businesses rebrand or revamp their look and production. Art Corner creates high quality videos to share our experience with the world . We also promote and feature amazing works of art from young inspiring artist. Be sure to connect with us on our social networks!

Bonus Episode 1.5

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